International Women’s Day: Celebrating Day One

by InvestEngine

Today, the world turns its focus to celebrating the achievements and contributions of women everywhere.

That said, it’s not just about dedicating a single day to celebrating women, so here at InvestEngine, we’re not just joining in the celebration – we’re making a commitment to the continuation of our journey towards making the world of finance more inclusive. 

Our commitment to inclusion doesn’t stop at the walls of our office. We recognise that we have a responsibility to both our community and to society as a whole – and financial wellbeing has a huge role to play. We commit to supporting women in our ecosystem and it’s why we work with organisations like Female Invest, and partners including Elent Financial Education, Words on Wealth, Marta Lis, Poppy Dontree and Maddyness that promote gender equality both locally and globally.

Turning One Day into Day One

This International Women’s Day, we’re shifting the narrative from One Day to Day One. We invite you to make today your Day One to empower the women in your life to start investing or to start your investing journey.

We want to make a positive impact where we can and we’re committed to continuing to empower women to kickstart their investment journey and take control of their financial future – the time is now!

Here are a few things coming up to help make today Day One on your investing journey:

Upcoming webinars

Building Healthy Investment Habits

A webinar with Female Invest on how to build health investment habits

You’ll learn:

  • What healthy investment habits look like 
  • How you can build up simple investing systems 
  • Which tools can help you on your investment journey

Register here

Tips for the end of the tax year

Answering your most asked questions at the end of the tax year with Abi Foster, Founder of Elent Financial Education

The event will cover everything from your tax allowances and how they work, to how you can build a portfolio that’s fighting fit for the new tax year.

Register here

Other resources

How we can help you invest

Are you looking to embark on your investment journey? Then don’t forget to explore our Educational Series, designed to deepen your understanding of all things finance and investing as well as taking a look at our blog on how to get started.

You can choose your own investments, or try a Managed Portfolio and leave it to our experts. Either way, InvestEngine is designed with good-practice investing at its core. Additionally, to learn more about  how InvestEngine can help you invest both easily and effectively click here.

Important information

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This communication is provided for general information only and should not be construed as advice. If in doubt you may wish to consult a professional adviser for guidance.

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