Easy Ride

The UK economy has been hit especially hard by the pandemic, but the country might be en route to better days and investment opportunities galore.

All In?

It’s almost a year on from 2020’s stock market rout, and share prices have been rising pretty steadily ever since. Until last week, that is, when a slight drop had major consequences for overconfident investors betting on the riskiest markets…

Lost And Found

The rally in stocks and bonds over the past years has been driven by rock-bottom interest rates. But US long-term rates hit their highest levels in almost a year last week, and you’ll need to be careful this change in direction doesn’t send your portfolio…


Rock-bottom oil prices have wreaked havoc on energy firms, and the upcoming “green revolution” could make things even tougher. But with oil companies adapting to survive, you might find plenty of new investment opportunities starting to emerge.