Watch: Navigating equities in 2024

by InvestEngine

How can investors navigate equities in 2024?

Last week, we held a webinar with our partners at Xtrackers by DWS, discussing the investing landscape in 2024 and how investors can position themselves. You can watch the full discussion on YouTube. 

Our speakers at the event were: 

  • Jasdeep Hansra, Senior Coverage Specialist at Xtrackers by DWS
  • Lukas Ahnert, Senior Product Specialist at Xtrackers by DWS
  • Andrew Prosser, Head of Investments at InvestEngine

Watch the full discussion above and keep your eyes peeled for more InvestEngine webinars going forward!

Key takeaways from the webinar

Market capitalisation is an important portfolio component

  • The rise of the ‘Magnificent 7’ has supported the core portfolio
  • Efficient access to the US market was an important component in 2023
  • Alternative index weightings (e.g. S&P 500 Equal Weight) can help manage risks

Thematic approaches can help to invest in trends at an early stage

  • 2024 has shown the role that thematic solutions can play in an allocation
  • They should become even more important as AI trends spread across the entire value chain

Stock market dispersion creates an environment for tactical allocations

  • Reliance on macro variables remains high – access to a wide range of sectors and factors can provide opportunities
  • The search for quality and value remains the focus for the time being, also within sectors (defensives) and DM regions (Europe)

Important information

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