Invest like a pro: a closer look at Gold investing

by InvestEngine

In uncertain times, investors often turn to gold for its perceived ability to offer safety and diversification, making it a popular asset in well-rounded portfolios. Here, PensionCraft‘s Ramin Nakisa explores gold as an investment and explains how you could benefit from including it in your portfolio.

Why gold? The golden shield in financial storms

The allure of gold as as investment is its reputation as the ultimate safe haven. When financial crises rock the markets, gold has typically remained resilient, or even surged. By holding gold, you strategically diversify your portfolio, mitigate risks and target stability even as other investments might falter.

The power of physical gold funds

Uncover the world of physical gold funds, seamlessly channeling capital into gold and securely stored in reputable depositories. Explore the range of opportunities, including Wisdom Tree Core Physical Gold (ETF: GLDW), available in our ETF range. Tracked naturally, this sterling-denominated option is designed for investors seeking stability and a strategic edge.

Currency hedged funds

Broaden your investment horizon with our currency hedged funds, empowering UK Sterling Investors to navigate the fluctuations in gold prices as if transacting in US dollars. Look for the “Hedged” tag on our platform.

Gold miners vs physical gold

Explore the Equities section on our ETF range to delve into the world of Gold Miners ETFs. While gold mining companies offer dividends and a faster beat against inflation, be aware of the factors influencing their share prices. Navigate the risks and rewards to align your strategy with your financial goals.

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