Why an ISA is nicer

Few of us enjoy paying tax, which is why an Individual Savings Account (ISA) can be a great choice for investors.

Investment returns from ISAs are tax-free.

This means you pay no income tax or capital gains tax (CGT) when your investments go up in value or if they earn interest or dividend income.

Without an ISA, investors’ returns can be significantly reduced by tax.

Tax rates can be as high as 45% on savings interest or up to 38.1% on dividends — while stockmarket gains can be taxed at up to 20%.

And don’t forget that the government could increase those tax rates — potentially making an ISA tax shelter even more inviting.

So it’s 😊 for ISAs, especially as they also allow you to access your money whenever you want.

No extra ISA fees with InvestEngine

Tax-free with easy access…what’s not to like?

Well, some investment firms will charge you extra to invest via an ISA.

But not InvestEngine.

The management fee on our Stocks & Shares ISA is just 0.25% a year — the same as all our accounts.

For that ultra-low fee, we build and manage an expert investment portfolio for you.

We offer a choice of income or growth portfolios — with estimated yields on the income portfolios of 2.4%, 3.3% or 5.5%* — all built to suit your risk appetite.

At InvestEngine, there are also no set-up, dealing or exit fees, while our minimum investment is just £2,000.

Not sure where to start? Fill in our simple questionnaire and we’ll suggest an investment portfolio for you.

Important information

Capital at risk. Eligibility to invest in an ISA depends on personal circumstances. ISA rules apply. The value of your portfolio with InvestEngine can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invest. ETF costs also apply.

*Income yields are estimated and variable, and based on historic income and ETF prices as at 31 October 2020.

This communication is provided for general information only and should not be construed as advice. If in doubt you may wish to consult a professional adviser for guidance.

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